Monday, July 27, 2015

It's a Boy! - 07/27/15 (Belleville, IL)

Dear family and Friends,

Well another week has passed, along with another transfer. Elder Julian and Elder Dorland left for the mission home this morning at 7:30am and will both be home safe with their families by this evening. It has been a little weird "killing off" a companion, it was fun.. But let's just say that he was ready to go home... We'll leave it at that.

So Monday for P-day we went into the city and saw "Paint Louis" which is basically a giant retaining wall along the Mississippi river that extends for several miles where people have done graffiti and art work all along the whole thing. It was really cool, but nothing too spectacular. after that we had a dinner appointment on base. while we were there we walked out and saw some of the aircraft they have on display, so that was cool.

Wednesday morning as I was getting out of the shower and Elder Julian knocked on the door and said "petey... I need you to come here" "well.... I am kind of busy at the moment." " I just need you to come here" So i finish getting changed and step out of the bathroom, and he asked if I could give him a blessing.. He was complaining of some pretty bad pain in his right side. But the pain continued to get worse, to the point that he was almost in Tears.. I think we both knew that something wasn't right So i told him, "get in the car, we are going to the hospital right now." So we get him there and they immediately take him in and give him an IV, some heavy pain killers, and they start testing. They thought he might have a kidney stone and would have to keep him a few days. But after getting a CT scan it showed that he had colonitis. he had gotten some bad bacteria which caused an infection in his colon. So there's that... 

anyways, the Doctor put him on 2 different anti-biotic meds, a pro Biotic, and 24-36 hours of bed rest. All he could eat for the next week was rice, yogurt, and just bland things, but home boy didn't do so well following doctors instructions, which in turn lead to several "accidents"... but anyways..

So Saturday night we got transfer calls, we got some pretty crazy stuff happening this transfer. Turns out I will be leaving the waterloo District.. I will be staying in Belleville and switching to the O'Fallon district. Also my new companion will be coming in Fresh off the airplane Tuesday morning, because I am now being made a trainer! That is right.. IN MISSION TERMS I am Pregnant.. going to be a father, and will now have a son on the mission. 

I am pretty excited to train, but also kind of nervous.. I feel good about my ability to train, but since we are moving districts we are now going to be in a car share with the Shiloh elders so i will be learning the Bus system by myself with a new greenie, something I most certainly have never done before... But i am looking forward to having my first born in the wilderness! haha!
Looking forward to spending another 3 months here in Beleville.. 

Well that is pretty much all I have to report for this week, wish me luck that everything goes well. I'm sure I will have plenty to report for next week and starting the new transfer! I love and miss you all, take care and God Bless us everyone! 

Peace on the streets,

Elder Chase Peterson

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