Monday, September 29, 2014

Reception Week - 09/29/14 (MTC)

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm not sure where to start, but this week has been full of a wide range of emotions. I have been a missionary for close to a week now, but I have learned so much! I have learned a lot about being a missionary, about teaching, studying, and even about myself. I have been able to feel the spirit so strong during my time here, and we feel so close to the savior. The first day or two was a little rough, but I love my district and my companion. We have grown very close as friends the past five days. We have two sets of sister missionaries in our district and they are incredible, they bring such a special testimony and perspective on the gospel. 

Most of the day consists of classes and study time, which have been so full of information, its like trying to drink out of a fire hose! So by the time 8:00pm comes around and we are in class most things go over my head I feel like. We pray almost constantly, which actually feels great! 

My companion's name is Elder Virgin who is from Syracuse Utah, he is a little reserved but most of the time is willing to talk and be engaged. oh and he loves Scream-o deathy music! haha. But he is a great guy. The other Elders in our district are Elder Shaw from Oregon, Elder King from Taylorsville. The Sisters in our district are Sister Dahlberg from Ogden, Sister Piechrey from New Hampshire, Sister Ferniss from Blackfoot Idaho, and Sister Shontell from Arizona. I will try and include pictures in this letter as well so you can see!

Anyways, everything is good and I am in good spirits, I feel very loved and accepted by everyone here, and everyone at home... except I could use a few more written letters, those sure would be good for a nice pick me up during the week when I can't check email. 

I have learned this week that it doesn't matter what you do or don't know about the gospel, just rely on the spirit because its the spirit that is going to convert people. People often never remember your words, but only how you make them feel when you are around them. This week we will continue to teach "investigators" and learn how to be missionaries. A lot to do today, so until next week...

Much love and Peace,

Elder Chase Peterson