Monday, July 20, 2015

Busy Week - 07/20/15 (Belleville, IL)

Dear People I care about,

It has been quite a busy week here for us in Belleville. Elder Julian and I have just been all over the place, and I feel like all I have done this week is drive a car! 

To start out the week on Monday, we went to St Louis to Visit the Gateway Arch and Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. It was an absolutely beautiful day, which made it so much better! Between us and the East St Louis Elders I am the only person who had been there before, even though the other 3 Elders are getting ready to go home! But it was a great P-Day indeed!

Tuesday we had District meeting down in waterloo, we had some great trainings and a generally good meeting. We have such a great district, it is hard to believe that the transfer is almost over. This Saturday we are going to be getting transfer calls to see what is happening to everyone. We also went to the East River Front that evening with the East St Louis Elders.. It was so beautiful and so much fun. Just wait till you see the pictures! ;)

Wednesday was probably the most tiring day and the most time I've spent driving while I have been out here. Elder Julian had a doctors appointment on St. Charles Missouri which is Northwest of St Louis.. We drive North to visit and drive around a little in Glen Carbon, then went down to Granite City and I got to stop by and see my old investigator Lupie! She was so excited, as soon as she saw me she burst into tears. that visit was such a blessing for both of us.. After that we got on the freeway and drive into St Louis then north across the Missouri River and into St Charles. It was a pretty good drive. The whole trip took us most of the day! After the drive back we got caught in Rush hour traffic coming back through St Louis... Which is not good. We were stuck forever trying to get back across the river! But we got back to pick up the East St Louis Elders and drive North to O'Fallon for Julian, and Dorland's end of the mission Exit interviews... We were pretty late, but I don't think President Morgan minded that much. After that we had to drive by the Air Force base to pick up dinner from a member, take it back to eat at our apartment, then we had to drive East all the way back to their apartment in West Belleville. I was so tired of driving that day... and tired of listening to the same Mormon Tab Choir CD 100 times!

Thursday Elder Julian and Elder Dorland went to the Temple in St Louis, So Elder Reynolds and I spent the day together. Since they took the car, Reynolds and I just walked and took the bus! But that was alright since I didn't really want to drive after the day we had Wednesday. All we had time to do was contact a few referrals and try and see a few people, then we had a good dinner with the Tilton family who live on the Air Force base. 

Friday we had exchanges, I went down to Waterloo with Elder Fa'anunu and we just had a great time! We worked our butts off, and got some good work done! We just had a great time working with each other and tracting in the 113 degree humid muggy weather. The next morning we got up at 6am to play tennis and run, then he gave me a Haircut. Afterwards we met up with Elder Julian and Suchomel to exchange back in Millstadt. 

All the craziness of this week sure made it go by fast! This week will be Elder Julian's last week in the Mission field, since next Monday he will be flying home to Spokane Washington. We are going to have fun and work hard this week. I will do my best stop him from being to trunky. I will Go ahead and end this letter till next week, get ready for some epic and awesome pictures!

Elder Chase Peterson

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