Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving - 11/24/14 (Glen Carbon, IL)

Dear concerning loved ones,

It was been a nice week over here in the heart land of America! Things are also turning to ice... it's pretty darn cold! But luckily The spirit keeps me warm, Hot Chocolate too... that is definitely a necessity out here. Despite the cold, many people in St Louis are getting pretty heated up over the Michael Brown case! We are still on Riot alert this week, and have been warned many times to stay away from any protests or large gatherings of people. If it is ever brought up in conversation we should avoid talking about it with people. But all will be well on this side of the river I don't think there will be anything to worry about. I know they might be taking some missionaries out of St Louis though and bringing them over here for some time.

There were two missionaries in a serous car accident this week, Elder Sudsbury and Elder Omana. We don't know a ton of what happened. But it was all over the news and their car looked destroyed.. They didn't have any broken bones, but were in critical condition until they both came out of ICU a few days ago. Elder Omana had to have emergency surgery but it went well and both should be resting in the hospital for a few more days. I came out to the field with Elder Sudsbury, and Elder Abad is good friends with Elder Omana so we are planning to write them soon. 

So something funny this week is that I have started to get in touch with my Philippino roots by learn some Tagalog from Elder Abad! mostly just some words, phrases and songs. Maybe by the time I come home I will know how to say something! We wants to cook us some Philippine food this week, so that might happen!  

We set a goal as District this week to have 7 baptisms this transfer as well as 105 member present lessons and 56 new investigators. Pretty high goals, but The sister missionaries do great work and as usual will likely pull in most of the numbers. For Glen Carbon, Elder Abad and I are hoping to contribute 2 of those baptisms, 18 member presents, and 20 new investigators. As a district we are fasting every Sunday till the end of the transfer. We are already starting to see the blessings, and the work is starting to pick up. The whole Missouri St Louis Mission as a whole is making a last push for the end of the year to reach our goal of 521 baptisms in 2014.

Thanksgiving is this week and today being my 2 month mark on the mission I have realized how much growth I have done in such a short amount of time. I have realized I am very Thankful for a lot of things, I am very grateful for my family and the gospel in our lives. I am grateful for the many great friends I have, and for the opportunity I have to serve a mission. I have gained a much stronger testimony of the gospel and a stronger witness of our savior and just how much he loves us. I have gained a much stronger testimony and understanding of the Book of Mormon and just how important it truly is and how much we all need it. Simply put... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the truth! many Christian churches believe in Christ, and love Christ, and do much good in the world, but we are the ONLY church who is truly led by Christ himself who lives. 

May everybody have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving, I love you all and will be thinking and praying for you always. May this week bring much joy and happiness, realizing just how much God has blessed each of us and the ones we love.

Peace on the streets,

Elder Chase Peterson

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