Monday, November 3, 2014

Frozen Bed Bugs - 11/03/14 (Glen Carbon, IL)

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope everyone had a nice week, and a safe Halloween. Halloween for Elder Abad and I was spent in Granite City with a member Family, the McKay's. They are awesome! We all spent the night outside watching trick or treaters, and handing out candy. The only down side was that it was only about 35 degrees... So it was pretty cold, and that same night it dropped down to 29 degrees, and of course our heater doesn't work! Grateful for my two winters at the Car wash where I learned to endure freezing temperatures.

Our numbers for the week and the temperatures were similar this week... low! We have still been trying to find investigators, it's just been hard. We did have a couple less active families let us in for a message, and that was good. We met with Terry again, our investigator with the haunted house. He is such a cool guy, and is very prepared to hear the gospel. He even committed to coming to church this week, but ended up not being able to make it because he was out of town. 

One aspect of the mission that I've discovered is how different people can be, and how you experience such a different range of emotions in just one day. We went from having a great lesson with Terry where the spirit was so strong. To afterwards going to a lesson with an older man named Carl, who is an former member that pretty much hates life. Carl see's no hope in the world, humanity, or life. His entire existence to him is meaningless... As we sit and teach him it's a struggle and a battle. He smokes his cigarettes and drinks his coffee and just doesn't want to change a thing. So I always feel a little worn down after meeting with him, but I know it'll all be okay. Heavenly Father always brings good out of something that in the moment seems to be a great loss... just be faithful and the good will come!

Our teaching pool was again much like the week, Cold! We thinned out our teaching pool down to 4 people at the beginning of the week, by dropping some people.. and some people dropping us as well. But by the end of the week we have three potential baptismal goal dates, and 3 new investigators!

We went on exchanges this week, the original plan was for me to go to East St. Louis, but instead I stayed in Glen Carbon and had the opportunity to run the area for the 24 hours. It was a great experience, especially when our GPS magically stopped working for the one day.  We will be going on exchanges again this week and I will be heading to East St Louis, so that will be an experience to test the waters and see what it's like to serve in the real Ghetto. I know that Missionaries who serve in East Saint are the only missionaries in the Mission who have to be inside their apartment before the sun goes down. Haha! I am actually kind of excited to go and experience a different area.

I can't remember if I talked about Stacy or last week or not, But she has two little kids and her and her husband were baptized about a month ago, and last week her and her husband had this huge melt down, and basically their marriage is done, because he has been an abusive husband to Stacy and her kids. So we had to move her around a few times this week, but she has a friend who lives an hour away in Greenville that is moving in with her and her name is Lilly, and the Sister missionaries are actually teaching her right now. We spent the day on Saturday moving Lilly from Greenville down to Troy, It was hard work but will be good for everyone.

Well I hope everyone has a good week this week, don't let the bed bugs bite! We pray every night that the bed bugs stay away from us, we had the treatment done last week, but we have a feeling the battle might not be over quite yet... I love my area, it is very blessed.. except for the bed bugs, heater, and actually our washing machine now. But all will be well this week! I know it! 

Before I end I would like to extend a challenge to everyone... We have had a lot of success this week in sharing "Mormon Messages". It is a very effective tool for learning and teaching, they always bring the spirit and bring comfort and joy into the day. So my Challenge is for everyone to get online at least once this week and watch a Mormon Message!

I love you all so much, and am so grateful for your love and support while I am out here learning, growing, and serving. Until I report again next week... 

Elder Chase Peterson

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