Monday, August 10, 2015

Arachnophobia - 08/10/15 (Belleville, IL)

Dear Family and Friends,

So Things have been going pretty well for us here in the Belleville area, it has been an exciting week and there is a lot to talk about so I'll just get started..

Monday for P-Day we went to the Belleville Fire Station and got a tour from one of the ward members Brother Penet, who is an Assistant Fire Chief there. We got to see all the trucks and gear, we got to explore the station and see what it's like to be a fire fighter. Out in the bay next to all the trucks was a big twisted metal beam sitting on a trailor. We asked brother Penet what it was and he told us "That is a full I beam from the World trade Center". It was pretty incredible to see! I will be sending the pictures too so everyone can see..

Wednesday we went on exchanges! It was Elder Griffin's first one ever, and since he is new we decided that it would be better for him to go up to O'Fallon with Elder Clifford since he doesn't know how to run the area yet. I got to stay down in Belleville with Elder Villalobos... We had a good day of working and trying to see people. Then We went with the East St Louis Elders to Steak n Shake.. Then we went to Bible Study at the East St Louis branch.. I figured that Villalobos would really enjoy that since he served in East St Louis about a year ago.. It was almost like watching a puppy explore a new environment! he was just so happy to be there with old members he knew and to be back in East St Louis... Which I really don't know why anybody would be happy to be there, since it really isn't that happy of a place! But anyways.. It was a good exchange!

Thursday we had a Zone meeting with all the missionaries in the O'Fallon stake! It was a great meeting and I got to see some mission friends I haven't seen in a while. We had great trainings from the STL's and Zone Leaders about trust and faith. They talked about how well we are doing as a mission and that when President Morgan gets statistics ever week from Salt Lake, our mission is leading most of the surrounding missions. so that was cool! Afterwards we went out to lunch, and a few of us decided to go to a good Chinese Buffet in Belleville. But once we got there, the entire zone of missionaries ended up going there as well! None of us knew how everyone decided to go there, but there were a lot of missionaries in that little buffet.. I got pretty crazy too! haha! We ran them out of ice cream and orange chicken, it was fun though! haha!

Friday we helped a lady and her two kids move on short notice. Her name is Crissy, her husband is Air Force and he is on a deployment in South Korea right now. So they just got to Scott Air Force base and are living off base in Shiloh. But they recently had a infestation of Brown Recluse Spiders! So after trying to take care of the problem they decided to move! So Brother Byington, East St Louis Elders and Us pretty much took on the challenge of helping her move! We moved a lot on Friday night, and told her we would be willing to help again in the morning.

So Saturday we get up and we were planning on being done with moving by 2pm, but we didn't come back to our house until 9:30pm.. It was hot and humid and we got everything moved, including couches, beds, chairs, washer, dryer, large gun safe, dressers, exercise equipment, you name it.. We also had to clean and check for poisonous spiders the entire time! Crissy definitely appreciated our help and we got to know her really well. She was even asking questions about the church and being a missionary. Saturday was probably the biggest highlight of my week! It just felt different and special, like something great was going to come from us lending out help to her and her family.

Sunday night the Byington's had us over for dinner on base! they also invited Crissy and she was so happy to see us. We got to share the message of the restoration and the spirit was really strong. We also got stuck on base because of severe storm and tornado warnings.. But it all worked out! We don't know what more is going to come of Crissy and her family. But the good thing is that she is having us over for dinner next week along with the East St Louis Elders. 

So I will end with one more funny story, We were walked down the road last week, it was a little past 9pm and we were almost to our house. A drunk lady on her porch called us over and asked for a "brochure". haha! We gave her a Book Of Mormon and a restoration pamphlet, tried leaving, but before we could leave she got up and gave us a big hug! haha! and said "anybody who works for Jesus deserves a big hug!" 

Have a great week everybody! I love you all!

"We can't predict all the struggles and storms in life but as persons of faith and hope, we know beyond the shadow of any doubt that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and the best is yet to come."-L. Tom Perry

Elder Chase Peterson

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