Monday, June 22, 2015

Trunky Monkey - 06/22/15 (Belleville, IL)

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a hot and humid week here in St Louis! So everyone should enjoy the beautiful non muggy wet heat of the desert! But I am glad that Summer time has finally rolled around. Not a whole lot has happened this week, we finished the first week of the transfer and we are finally starting to settle in a little bit.

I said goodbye to Elder Jones Wednesday morning as he departed for his new area out in the Boone's of Dexter Missouri. I spent the morning with Elder Dorland in East St Louis while we waited for our new companions. Elder Dorland's new companion is Elder Reynolds who is from Denver Colorado, and will be "Dying" in a few months.. and by dying I mean going home! Or maybe for real, since it's East St Louis you never know! haha! 

My new companion is Elder Julian, who just came from Jefferson City Missouri! He is "Dying" this transfer and will be heading back home in 5 weeks to Spokane Washington. He is a great guy and we are getting along really well! He is pretty trunky though... Luckily we have a lot of work to do these next few weeks so hopefully that helps him out a little! We also got some exciting news from our Zone Leaders last night that Tuesday Elder Julian and I will be getting a MINI MISSIONARY who will be staying with us from Tuesday to Sunday! A mini Missionary is someone between the ages of 16 and 18 who want to go and see what it is like serving a mission. So for almost a week they get to be a missionary and work, teach, eat, sleep, and do everything we do. We are really looking forward to that for sure! (Hopefully that helps Elder Julian's trunkyness too) haha! ;) 

On Friday I don't think it ever stopped raining once! It just down poured all day! In fact there is was so much rain that the corn fields started to flood, parts of them were almost comlpetely under water. We got flood warning alerts on our phone. We had a dinner that night down in Mascoutah and part of the road was covered in about 6 inches of water. Our basement even started to flood, but luckily we got that taken care of before it got bad! 

Through the coarse of this past week we picked up a bunch of referrals including one of the zone leaders investigators and an investigator from the Columbia sisters! So this week should be a good one. Hopefully things turn out and we get to teach lots of lessons and help a bunch of people come closer to Jesus Christ. Today for P-day us and the East St Louis Elders are going to go into St Louis and visit the city zoo! I am really excited for that! 

Hope that everyone has a great week! Be safe and God Bless! 

Elder Chase Peterson

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