Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet Me In St. Louis - 10/06/14 (MTC)

Family and friends,

My Time in the MTC has come to an end.. Tuesday morning we will depart from the Provo MTC at 4:35 am from there two districts of 16 missionaries including me will fly out of Salt Lake City at 9:30 am and touch down in St. Louis Missouri at 1:30pm, or 12:30 Mountain Daylight Time for all you Utahns! Not exactly sure what will happen from there, but I look forward to the new adventure! 

I feel ready to leave the MTC, I have enjoyed my time here, the teachers are amazing, the friendships I have made will last a lifetime, the spirit you feel is incredible, and the food has been. . .  good, i guess. But I have come to learn a lot in such a short amount of time and I feel confident in my ability to teach and testify, I found out to stop worrying about what I know or don't know, because in the end its the Holy Ghost that testifies truth and does the converting. 

Friday night I had a very special opportunity that I would like to share. . . In my district we have four Elders and Four Sisters, we have all grown very close to each other and have spent everyday together since we arrived. But Friday night after our classroom lesson and teaching investigators, Sister Dahlberg who is one of our Sisters in our district, you could tell was having a rough day and she came back to the classroom in tears. We all sat studying and planning lessons, she then asked if she could have a blessing, and asked If I would be willing to give her the blessing. I told her that I would be honored to have that opportunity. So she took her spot on a chair in the middle of our small classroom and the three other Elders and I circled around her, and I began the Blessing of Comfort. After a few minutes everything just seemed bright and peaceful and I felt as if I wasn't even speaking. But afterwards we gave each other a good handshake and the other sisters decided they wanted blessings of comfort too.. 

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday watching conference as a MTC body, I think it was about 2,000 missionaries stuffed into the gymnasium stands, and the chairs there suck! So it was uncomfortable, but we enjoyed the talks given by the General Authorities and Officers of The Church. That Night we had a Devotional given by Via Sikahema who was a BYU football player, and a NFL player for Green Bay and Philadelphia. We is an incredible man and is very successful. He told a lot of stories and talked a lot of about how we effect the lives of others. I know That my mission is going to be the foundation for the rest of my life, and the beginning of a life full of service and dedication.

I know that there are people that the Lord is preparing and will prepare for me to invite unto Christ and help them improve their life. As long as I am obedient I will be in the right place at the right time, and I will be somebody's missionary. I have learned to trust in the spirit and to ask inspired questions, because in the end we all have to learn for ourselves the gospel principals So my purpose as a missionary is to help others figure out the principals for themselves and to increase their own relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I know that once I lose myself in the work of the Lord, only then will I find myself... but only when I'm not looking! 

I miss you all so much and pray everyday for you, Since I've gotten here, I've noticed my prayers starting to turn more outward to others. I think a lot about when I will be home back in the comfort of my family and loved ones, but for my my comfort shall rest with the Lord my savior. So watch out Missouri because truth and light cometh! 

Until we meet again, Love and peace..

Elder Chase Peterson

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